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The Trans Slam is Sharks perfect ride to race in the VXL, Mean, Real street classes.  This body keeps the real look in tact and offers the rear bumper and front grille that is important for the ruls.  The dimensions are 10.5" wide in the front and 11" wide in the rear.  The over length is 23.5" without the rear wing.  The rear does have a little bulge to fit the rear tires and reduce a rear rub. One benefit of the Slam, is it is a relatively small body which will save you ohn overall weight. This is curucial for the spec classes.  Please check your local rules to verify the body can be raced in yuo5r local class.  NPRC and the Mean streets has this body legal. 



Trans Slam

  • Please be very careful that your order is correct and that you are familiar with our shipping/return policy BEFORE you buy.  We want to ensure that we get you exactly what you want and that all orders are correct and accurate. 

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