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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Color Body should I choose?
    The black and white bodies are molded in those colors so the windows will be white or black too. If you want to paint your bodies, please order the clear.
  • Any Tips?
    Shoe type Glue is an excellent way to strengthen the front end from impact. Bracing the front end with a good bumper and foam will reduce body flex and lengthen the bodies life.
  • How should I mount my new Shark Body?
    When mounting keep in mind that the body should look like relations to the front and rear of the car. The performance has a lot to do with where it's mounted as well as looks. I didn't put wheel openings on these so you can move the body around to make it work for your style and/or type track. But the trend I have seen, has been way too far forward and too high in the front! Get your body lined up on the car at race height and before you mount and paint. This takes some time and I have found it's best to remove the body post and cut the base of the body close to height. Then use an allen wrench to slide up through the body post mounting hole and mark where they should be. Then mount and finish doing the fine trim work. You can't mount a body with it sitting on top of the body post and taking a guess to where it goes! When it goes on down on the post it will be off almost every time!
  • I'm a dealer interested in selling Shark Bodies. What should I do?
    Dealer inquiries please email or through our website info.
  • How should I paint my new Shark Body?
    Before painting clear bodies, wipe out with Isopropyl Alcohol. This will remove the residue for the paint to stick to the lexan better. Paint with only paints made for polycarbonate/lexan. Paint with 4 to 6 light coats. Heavy painting can cause a chemical reaction that could weaken the lexan.
  • What are your shipping and return policies?
    Please check out our shipping and return policies here!

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