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The Street Fighter is our promod rendering of a Lexus and is a race version intended for the track. 


 Key features of the Street Fighter are.  We added length to the body based on the success of the freakshow being a longer style body as well, but with a more rounded nose to cut thru the air better... The cowl acts as a strength point helping the hood from caving in like some of the older Shark bodies.  The width stands at 11" wide in the front (over the wheel well) and 11.25" in the rear (over the wheel well) Length is 25.5" when adding the Shark wing the length is 28.5". the rear wing is designed as a over the deck or under the deck mounting... that leaves you the option to leave extra rear lexan on the back to add strength or mount it under and brace it and let her rip!  The roof was designed to allow more air to reach the rear wing much like the Boss was designed. Other manufactures have utilized this roof design for awhile and our older bodies like the Boss and cherry Bomb had tapered roofs as well  . The roof has a few features to help from compressing when you hit that 90MPH run Wheelbase is 13.5" on center,


We hope you like the new styling... I had many people ask me to redo the Boss, with so many Mustangs out there we decided to try something a little different. Match this  cab rear design with the Shark Hooligan cab forward design body and you have an awesome tuning tool between two aero bodies and now you can adjust to the track using bodies as a tuning tool.


The Street Fighter  is just another step for Shark to provide bodies for the new demand in aero!



Street Fighter

  • Please be very careful that your order is correct and that you are familiar with our shipping/return policy BEFORE you buy.  We want to ensure that we get you exactly what you want and that all orders are correct and accurate. 

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