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The Shark Ninja body is our buggy based rendition of a dirt oval Supra body. The Body was designed off the Mafia and Knockout platform and is sure to grab attention with the stunning nose and grille work design. The Ninja should be a very free body turning body when you leave the windows in, but removing the windows will create more traction (for tracks that allow cut out windows and decking) by adding the shark decking. The new drop in decking is in the near future for this body as well as the Knockout and Mafia bodies.


Be different and race a Ninja body. This body will be likely added to the Chili Bowls approved list as the Mafia is already approved from last year.


10" wide 21" long fits most buggy based cars like the Associated B cars SR10 and the Traxxas Bandit and Losi as well as any 10th scale buggy based cars.

Chili Bowl Legal.


Body Color (window same as body color)
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