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This body is 10" wide. It is the baby brother to the TKO Slash body. The Shark Knockout is a buggy body that will fit most buggy based cars like the sr10, b3,b4, any Associated buggy, Slash Bandit, X-ray, Losi and many others


The Shark Knockout is based off the crate street stock being raced down in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee North Carolina and is the new look for most street stocks. The body is detailed to offer better turning while the roof allows for more air to get to the rear spoiler via the additional decking (interior)for better traction. The Mafia can be mounted as a one piece body or it can have the added decking so you can cut the windows out and race it where rules allow windows to be removed.


The Shark Knockout will give the Chevy guys the look they are wanting in the breed of street stocks.

Chili Bowl Legal.

Knockout 2023 Camaro

Body Color (window same as body color)
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