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Introducing The Shark RC Bodies Kill Shot.


The Kill Shot is a completely new design for Shark. The main key is the decked and roofless design. The angles of this body were created to make this one of the best corner speed bodies out there. With the simple roof mounting and cutting, it saves time mounting the body. The front end has a catchers mitt design to help plant the nose to the track with a lot of room for the right front tire for extra clearance. The rear offers great down force to get that traction you are looking for on those lose tracks. An additional narrow roof can be purchased as we have 2 different roofs for this body.


Body comes as a complete kit - Wide roof, lower main decked body, adjustable spoiler, body braces, hardware and window paint masks. Replacement Wide roofs can be ordered on the 1/10th late model accessories page.


.040 Clear, comes with wide roof and spoiler with body braces, hardware and window paint masks


Kill Shot

Body Color (window same as body color)
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