Zero Street - Camry

Zero Street - Camry

PriceFrom $54.99

Fits Traxxas Slash and other Short Course Trucks.


The “ZERO " When we created the Zero We wanted to   have a car witht he best turn in possible and with the  dtailed nose and hood, this was going to be the best body for turn in.   with the shorter deck it will free up the rear of the car too. Making this body creat on tacky clay.                   


Add the optional spoiler or flat decking and you have a killer ride to out class the competition.

The design is based off dirt oval streetstocks where the nose, hood and roof remain stock appearing, but the sides are flat like a sheetmetal door 
The body is made out of .060 which is thicker and should help the body last longer than other manufactures with thinner lexan. We think the Zero will be in your winners circle.

This is a 12" wide Streetstock body that will fit most Short Course trucks


Wrap Credit - Rick Putnam @P3 Designs


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