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Shark RC Bodies rendering of a C1 Vette 58-62 (double headlight)


Shark is bringing you the "other" C1 in a more narrow package. We changed around the Chaos body to narrow it up with a width or 10.5" wind front  to back. The nose has been changed to add to the more realistic Promod front. The  cowling has been improved in function and looks. The rear wing has been narrowed to 9" wide. We feel the balance of this body should be more stable and faster , ouching thru the wind better. The bodies weight gets dropped with the narrower body.. 


Make sure your chassis will fit these dimensions or you have offset wheels that can narrow your ride. As tested it fits the Plan B Chassis and 5 Start Chassis... This will fit most cars but  please make sure you check your dims first.


Questions call 920-579-6077


  • Please be very careful that your order is correct and that you are familiar with our shipping/return policy BEFORE you buy.  We want to ensure that we get you exactly what you want and that all orders are correct and accurate. 

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