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Will fit  Slash and other Short Course trucks like Associated and Losi.


The “Joker” is our very first mold and to this day one of out best handling bodies.

Along with its great durability The design

is based off dirt oval street stocks where the nose, hood and roof remain stock appearing, but the sides are flat like a sheet metal door


The body is made out of .060 which is thicker and should help the body last longer than other manufactures with thinner designs.


If you like a car that will turn in..... hang on

cause this baby will get-er-done!


This is a 12" Street stock Body that will fit most Short Course Trucks


Bodies come clear white or black with over spay film and a window paint mask. Black and white bodies are molded in that color and the windows are the color of the body and not clear. Example photos are of completed projects and the bodies do not come with paint and numbers.


Comes with spoiler, decals, and hardware.


  • Please be very careful that your order is correct and that you are familiar with our shipping/return policy BEFORE you buy.  We want to ensure that we get you exactly what you want and that all orders are correct and accurate. 

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