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Will fit Slash, Associated and Losi drag kits as well as most aftermarket chassis build kits. (some narrowing of front and rear arms might be required)


The Freak Show measures in at 11.25" width in the front, 11" rear width. The length comes in art 28" . This  body was created with max downforce. the employs an elongated nose to  help promote less frontal lift. The body has a steady rake  that continues to the back of the car. There is no need for an extra added wing as this bad boy measures in at 28". This flat and continuous length helps provide  greater downforce while not  slowing speed like an elevated wing can do. 


Key features for the freak show are a reenforce rear deck... Molded support braces help the long rear from buckling.  The   low nose helps the air move over the front while the  headlight tubes keep the air channeled on the hood for front downforce. 


The additional  end cap/sill plates help hold the air on the deck and stop it for rolling off.  A small wicker is on the back of the body for downforce and  body support


The body is made out of .040 Lexan but you can get  a .060 option


The decal kit is  fairly large offering the grille headlights and  the side molding on the right and left sides


Its time to get freaky and get your freak show today!



Freak Show

  • Please be very careful that your order is correct and that you are familiar with our shipping/return policy BEFORE you buy.  We want to ensure that we get you exactly what you want and that all orders are correct and accurate. 

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